Product Information

Force Operation X (FO.X) is an all-in-one, smartphone marketing optimization platform. On top of standard functionality like measuring user behaviour after download on smartphones and user Web actions, F.O.X allows you to maximize the cost effectiveness of promotions based on your unique KPI’s.

Custom Reporting

Measure and check several KPI’s for each media, campaign and creative based on the analysis of the total ad operation. Furthermore, customize all KPI’s according to your marketing goals and fix this as your reporting management screen.

Highest Accuracy Analytics

Analyze various KPI’s for each country and media where you running campaigns. Since KPI’s differ depending on the client, one can perform customized analysis on multiple axes such as: level completion, retention rates, inactivity rates and dropout rates. In addition, it’s possible to analyze diverse content such as the breakdown and number of in-app purchases.

Global Delivery

F.O.X is an official partner of global media such as Facebook, Twitter, Criteo. By integrating just one SDK, it’s possible to measure operational effectiveness from advertising media from all over the world. Since you’re acquiring data directly from the media, you can not only view reporting data based on indicators such as CPI and CPA, but also detailed creative reports. Furthermore, our official partnerships make receiving real-time user targeting information possible for greater operational agility.

Growth Hacking Through Re-engagment

F.O.X believes the purpose of re-engagement advertising is twofold: 1) Maximize DAU and 2) Maximize ROAS. Therefore, it’s possible to measure RR, LTV, ROAS of users who’ve been recovered through re-engagement campaigns, as well as being able to look at the advertising effectiveness of user acquisition and re-engagement separately. Also, since you can set up a granular user action hierarchy, F.O.X can support re-engagement delivery suitable for your unique KPI’s.

Precise TV Commercial Reporting

Within F.O.X, it’s possible to analyze the influence of TV commercials on new user acquisition and on existing WEB advertisements by being able to measure and separate organic influx and reactivated/re-engaged users respectively. Furthermore, our analytics capabilities allows you to monitor you and your competitor’s TV marketing results in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.